Illustration for Children's book and fantasy themed are our specialized

Portfolio illustration ~ Gagestudio collection since 2015 and never stop to create illustrations. We working with local publishers, international project, and author. Start from 2018 we focused to collaboration with KDP Amazon’s book author. We do not stop there, but will share our experience with readers. Maybe it will be useful for many people. Glad to know that we can entertain and educated the reader through illustration. Portfolio Illustration.

Attract more followers and conversions with valuable design

During the pandemic season, many small businesses (UMKM) in Indonesia and global, were promoted their product through social media. We collaborate with many local and international brands to create content ideas, post designs, and copywriting. Currently,  we are also developing digital marketing services (Facebook ads).

BOOK Unboxing (author reaction): Cadine reid

Cadine Reid are one of our favorite children’s book author, we are glad to be the part of her projects. Also, “Imagine Me” are recommended book to read. For more information please check her youtube channel.

creative and marketing services

Content creator

Creating contents for your business product awareness campaign, engagement, and conversion. Available: Copywriting,Video Editing, Social Media Poster, etc. Know more about us: article

Branding design

Branding are powerful action to get customer engagement and brand awareness. We create branding design: Logo, Packaging, Stationary, Social Media Strategi, and many more.

Facebook Ads Advertiser

This is our newest service, Facebook campaign for skincare product, bodycare, Food and Beverage, and franchise.

Artwork Collection

Personal artwork for gifts, digital and manual (watercolor painting). We have official online shop on page 'Shop'.

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Aga Rahmadani
CEO Gagestudio

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